Bible Study Journal-Making the Most of Your Study Time

A Bible Study Journal is another great use for a blank journal. You don't have to be a Bible scholar to have great Bible Studies. We all know there's a blank journal sitting around, so grab it, open it, and set it up for Bible Study.

Bible Study Journal. Image shows an open Bible with a notebook and pens laying around the Bible.
Bible Study Journal
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Bible Study-Growing in God's Word

Studying God's Word is essential for growth as a Christian. If you don't learn about Him, how will you know Him? Bible Study can also be intimidating. If you browse the pages of Pinterest you will see all kinds of Bible Study pins, don't be intimidated by this! Bible Study is personal, and how you learn may be different from someone else. Find a way that works for you, and dive into the Bible.

Let me show you how to set up a journal that will simplify studying the Bible, but still, give you the tools to learn from God's Word.

A Bible Study Journal

Setting up a new journal for Bible Study is simple, and it makes studying the Bible easier. You can open up your journal and write or you can divide your journal into sections. If you are going to use sections, there are a few I would recommend.

  • Bible Study
  • Prayer Requests
  • Praise Reports
  • Scripture Memorization

Those basic categories will get you started with your Bible study journal, and you can customize the journal you use and find what sections you need.

Pens For Bible Study

Oh how I love pens! There are some great pens and highlighters available for Bible Study! Once you have a journal you need to find some pens to use in your study. Now you can use a ballpoint pen if you want, but it's so much fun to have different pens! I recommend using Mildliners and no bleed markers so you have a fun, and colorful Bible Study. I know it's not what Bible Study is about, but I do think if it's fun and interesting it's easier to keep doing it! There's no science on that, but it's my opinion.

Where to Start

You have your Bible, your pens, and your journal set up and ready to go, now what? Well, I say start at the beginning. Genesis is a good place to start, and the familiar story of creation will get you into a great habit of Bible Study. If you don't want to start in Genesis, I also recommend starting in the gospel of John. John is an easy-to-follow book, and it tells of the miracles of Jesus. Nothing better to study!

Another way to start studying the Bible is to study specific sections of the Bible. Law, History, Poetry, and so on, studying the Bible this way gives you an understanding of specific topics in the Bible. If you want to study in chronological order there are Bibles that are printed in chronological order, and that's another good way to study.

Study To Show Yourself Approved

The Bible tells us to “study to show yourself approved” (2nd Timothy 2:15) and using a Bible Study Journal is a great way to make the most of your study time. If you're looking for Bibles or journals, Post navigation