Bible Verse Mapping-Learning More of His Word

There are so many ways to study the Bible, one of those ways is Bible Verse Mapping. Anything you can do to spend time in God's word is going to be beneficial. The deeper you dive into scripture, the more you learn and Bible Verse mapping is another creative way to use your journals

Bible Verse Mapping

Bible Verse Mapping-What is it?

Commonly known as Verse Mapping, Bible Verse Mapping is a study technique that studies the historical context, translation, connotation, and theological framework of a verse in the Bible. Verse Mapping is popular in Faith Journaling or Scripture writing journals.

Why Verse Map Scripture?

  • Verse mapping scripture helps you learn more about each verse and not take it out of context. It's never good to quote a scripture not knowing the correct context.
  • Verse mapping helps you slow down and not rush through Bible Study. When you slow down and take a deep dive into a scripture you will learn more.
  • Verse mapping can facilitate a great group study and conversation about God's word.

Who can Verse Map Scripture?

Anyone can! You do not have to be a Bible scholar to verse map scriptures. In fact, the more you verse map scriptures the more you will learn and become more knowledgeable about the Bible.

Do I Need a Fancy Bible to Verse Map Scripture?

NO! No fancy Bible needed! I will suggest that you use your favorite translation as the primary translation for mapping verses.

Verse Mapping Supplies

You will need a Bible in your favorite translation, and two other Bibles in two different translations. Use a physical Bible, a bible app, or a website like Bible Gateway. You will also need access to Hebrew and Greek commentaries, again it can be online if you prefer and a journal or Verse Mapping worksheet, and some great pens!

How to Verse Map

You have gathered your supplies now it's time to map a verse! Now what? Thank you for asking! The first thing I always recommend is to pray! Use this prayer to ask God what He wants to show you in the verse. Ask Him to guide your work and to reveal His word to you.

If you are using a worksheet start with writing the verse. I write the words out in my journal with markers and fill each space in. Below are the basic steps in mapping a verse.

  • Verse-write the verse.
  • Design-get two different translations of the verse and write them down.
  • Develop-use this area to record keywords and their meaning in Greek or Hebrew.
  • Actions-what are the actions in the verse? Write them here.
  • Outcome-What is the outcome of the verse? I like to connect action words to the outcome words, to wrap things up nicely.
Bible Verse Mapping Image shows an open journal with John 3:16 broken down and mapped out.
Bible Verse Mapping John 3:16

Easy Peasy! Right?

Now that wasn't so hard, was it? Verse mapping doesn't have to be complicated. As you grow in your Biblical knowledge you can get more in-depth. You can dive deeper into the Hebrew and Greek words, and cross-reference passages that go with your verse. Start out simple, and as you learn and grow you can add to the process. If you do too much too soon you may burn out and give it up completely, don't make this a chore! God doesn't want us to overwhelm ourselves. He just wants us to learn more about Him.

To help you on your verse mapping journey I'm going to do a new verse each Monday. Join me each week and let's “Map it on Monday!”

Map your favorite verse and share it with me if you wish! I'd love to see your Bible Verse Mapping! Find me on Instagram and my group on Facebook! I look forward to seeing all the different verse maps!