Bullet Journals for Kids

Bullet Journals for kids are becoming popular. They aren't just for adults and kids love them too! My daughter started a BuJo with me, and now we have a hobby we can do together and she's learning the value and the discipline of keeping a bullet journal.

Bullet Journals for Kids Image shows a person measuring in a journal.
Bullet Journals for Kids
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Bullet Journals for Kids

My daughter loves paper, any paper! One Christmas I bought her a ream of paper. It was wrapped like her other presents. She squealed when she opened the package and saw what it was! The girl loves paper. She gets that from me. However, I do not love paper all over her floor! She's a typical pre-teen girl, she leaves a trail of stuff(usually paper) wherever she goes!

When my daughter started her BuJo she chose the spreads she wanted. It is all hers. I thought it was important for her to choose her spreads so she would continue with her bullet journal. She went to Pinterest, found spreads she liked, and added them to her Bullet Journal.

Some of the spreads she chose are:

  • Weather
  • Homework (I hope this helps!!!)
  • A back-to-school spread
  • A cleaning schedule (that one surprised me the most!)

Benefits of Bullet Journals for Kids

There are many benefits for kids who keep bullet journals.

  • Kids need structure and bullet journaling gives them structure. They will create spreads that require them to stay focused on completing tasks and that will build a structure for them.
  • Journaling allows them to have a safe space. A place they can track their moods or their feelings. A word about privacy here. Children need to have their space and privacy, but not at the expense of their safety. My daughter understands that I will not look in her journal unless she exhibits signs that her safety is threatened. As she becomes a teen that is important for her, but again, not at the risk of her safety.
  • Bullet journals for kids allow them to think about other places. I have a Pinterest board of where I want to travel, and Emma Claire has created a spread in her journal of places she wants to see! It's opening her mind to the world around us, and it's fun to watch her excitement in searching out new places.
  • Keeping a BuJo can help academically too. Emma Claire keeps a homework spread to track her assignments and make sure they get turned in. She's great about doing them, but turning them in is hard for her.
  • Finally keeping a BuJo is excellent for spending time together. She is growing up, and my baby girl isn't such a baby. The time I had with her when she was younger is gone, and the years ahead are fleeting. If I can get her to spend a bit of time with me doing BuJos then I'm all for it!

Supplies for kids BuJo

Supplies for kids are no different than supplies for adults. It may be wise to buy a cheap notebook to get started to make sure they stick with bullet journaling, but for everything else, it's the same.

  • Journals– My favorite journal will always be Scribbles that Matter. I love the paper quality and the weight of the paper too.
  • MarkersPapermate Flairs are on my favorite list. They don't streak and they don't bleed through paper, and they last forever!
  • FinelinersMicron fineliners are great for bullet journaling. They are some of my favorite fine liners too.

Final Thoughts

Bullet journaling is not just for adults. It can be a great project for kids that can teach them a lifetime of good habits. One day they may have a whole collection of their Bullet Journals to look through as an adult! Bullet Journals for Kids is a great investment for kids to learn organization while they are young!