Crayola Markers-Adults Love Them Too

Crayola Markers have been around for a long time. While Crayola is best known for crayons, their markers have made their own history. Crayola Markers are not just for kids! Adults use them too in journaling and planning, and even just to color.

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Crayola has been a name in the arts and crafts industry since 1885. They are best known for crayons, and to clear up any misunderstanding, it's pronounced CRAY-ON, but they are making their mark with their markers and other art supplies.  

When I was a child, there was nothing better than getting a brand new box of crayons. I loved how they looked and how they smelled! It was such a great thing, and when I got my first box of 64 WITH a sharpener, I was in heaven! 

Over the years my joyfulness over new crayons hasn't faded, but I elevated the joy by including markers in my collection. I love markers and Crayola makes the best ones. Using Crayola Markers isn't just for kids anymore. 

Crayola Markers image shows a boc of crayons sitting on a desk.

**This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission from the sale. This is done at no extra cost to youAs an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases via the links in this blog post.**

Crayola-A Brief History

In 1885 Edwin Binney and his cousin C.Harold Smith created Binney and Smith, which later became Crayola. Originally, it produced colorants for industrial use. Even in the early days, Crayola was very innovative. They pioneered a new process of creating inexpensive black colorants as well as inventing dustless, white chalk.


  • 1885-Edwin Binney and C.Harold Smith formed Binney and Smith, later to be named Crayola1903-Introduced the first box of 8 colored crayons and they only cost 5 cents! 
  • 1949-the 48 color pack of crayons made its debut.
  • 1958-the 64 box of crayons was introduced.
  • 1978-Crayola Markers were introduced.

Today vintage Crayola crayons can be worth up to $500 for the right color and condition. 

Types of Crayola Markers

Crayola markers are fun and colorful and they add great color to any of your art projects. From Adult coloring to fine detailed work in journals and planners, Crayola has a marker for you. 

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Crayola the company introduced markers. Crayola markers are water-based markers and provide an even color flow and they are designed not to bleed through most paper. The colors of Crayola are nearly endless and Crayola is sure to have the perfect color for you. 

Crayola Markers Image shows several boxes of Crayola makers on a wood desk.


In 1987, parents rejoiced when their favorite marker was made in a washable formula. The brilliant colored markers could be washed off their child, furniture, or anything else that was colored on unintentionally. (or in my house, intentionally!)

Color Wonder

Color Wonder markers were created to color only on special paper, so there is no mess, and as you color the paper changes to the beautiful Crayola colors we all love! 

Tip Types of Crayola Markers

Crayola markers come in a variety of tips. From fine to triple thick, they have plenty of markers to satisfy your every need. 

Super Tips

Super Tips are great for drawing and coloring in smaller spaces. The precise tip is perfect for drawing and outlining. Using Super Tips in your bullet journal is a great way to have a variety of colors and precise lines for tracking habits or anything other spreads in your bullet journal.

I like them because they come in a variety of colors, brights, bolds, pastels, and many more. Other than color, another good quality of Super Tip markers is they don't bleed through paper and don't smudge, which makes them perfect for journaling and even to use in planners. 

Crayola Stamper

Another Crayola marker that is good for planning and bullet journaling is the Crayola Stamper. Here's a great video showing how to use the Crayola Stampers planners. See the stampers in Jesse's video using only products made for kids. How fun!!

Broad Tips

Another great use for the broad tip markers is hand lettering. Crayola broad tip markers are the perfect design for beautiful lettering. The broad tip allows you to make a thick downstroke and the pointed tip makes the upstroke smooth and thin, creating beautiful letters for any of your lettering projects. Watch Becca's short video to see how it's done!

Double Ended Tips

Becca uses the broad-tipped marker in this video, but Double Ended Crayola Markers are great for lettering too. Double Ended markers have a super tip on one end and the broad tip on the other end—the best of both worlds. 

Tips and Tricks

Marker Storage

Always store your markers horizontally. Storing markers horizontally will keep the ink from settling in one end. This doesn't happen as often with Crayola markers, but it's still a good idea to store horizontally. 

Here are a few great storage containers for your markers.

 There are so many options to choose from, from desktop to portable storage, you can't go wrong with storing your markers in any of these! This is great desktop storage for markers. It keeps them horizontal and ready for use. If you want something to carry with you this portable storage bag is a great option. 

Reviving a Dried Marker

There is nothing worse than popping the top off your favorite marker and finding out it has dried up! What can you do? Well, you can try this trick, and see how it works for you. 

Take the marker and dip it in warm water for about 10 seconds, recap and let it sit for 24 hours and then pop the top again and see if it worked. This is not a 100% fix, but it's worth trying before you toss the marker for good. 

You know I love pens and markers and Crayola is a favorite brand of mine. Crayola has been in business for many years because they are a quality brand that allows anyone to be an artist. This brand will be around for many years to come.

Crayola Markers Image shows several markers scattered over a wooden desk