Health and Wellness Bullet Journal

A Health and Wellness Bullet Journal is a great way to keep track of your healthy lifestyle or your journey to a healthy lifestyle. If you are already on track for your health and wellness then this journal is a great way to keep the momentum going and a visual representation of meeting your goals.

If you are just starting your health and wellness journey, a bullet journal is good for tracking your habits and seeing where you need to make improvements as well as celebrating your milestones.

You can track your health and wellness in your regular bullet journal, but I like having it separate so I can refer to it, and having a smaller journal is easier to keep with me. If you don't want to have multiple journals then you certainly can add these pages to your monthly bullet journal spreads.

Creating a Health and Wellness Bullet Journal

There are essential steps to take when you create a health and wellness bullet journal. I've outlined those steps here:

Step 1-Have a Plan

In order to change your lifestyle, you need to have a plan. It's not enough to say you want to change, you need a road map to guide you. If you've ever used Google maps for directions or even if you're old school and have used a map, you understand what I mean. You wouldn't go somewhere without knowing how to get there, so you shouldn't start a lifestyle change without a road map of how to do it.

Step 2-Choosing a Bullet Journal

Once you have a plan, you need to choose the best bullet journal for you. There are many options available and these are two favorites that I would recommend.

The Happy Planner-This is my favorite planner/bullet journal system. I like that I can remove and replace pages easily, and not have to worry about the pages being messed up. Another great aspect of Happy Notes is the weight of the paper is great for any and all pens. Ghosting is minimal, even with a Sharpie.

Scribbles that Matter-This journal is designed with dotted paper, and works for a regular journal or a health and wellness journal. I like this journal because the weight of the paper is thick enough to hold up to any marker. I use this as my everyday bullet journal, and I'm very happy with it.

Spreads for a Health and Wellness Bullet Journal

Cover page-The cover page for a month or for the whole journal is a fun page to create. Get creative, get inspired and make the best cover page you can make! This will set the tone for your whole month or your whole journal. Pinterest is a great site for inspiration! I found this cute quote and thought it was perfect for my health and wellness journal.

Heath and Wellness Bullet Journal Image shows an open disc-bound journal with a page with colorful donuts and it says I do it for the Donunts...and to be healthy.

Goal page-We all have a goal, and having a goal page is a great inspiration, but a goal page doesn't have to be about weight loss numbers. I decided to do a Lifestyle Goal page, and not put weight numbers on the page. I want to lose weight, but I also don't want it to be all about the numbers. In order to lose weight, I have to change my lifestyle, so this is why I did a Lifestyle Goal page.

Current Stats page-This is where you talk about numbers!

  • Weight-You have to start somewhere. Tracking your weight each week is a great way to see your progress. A healthy lifestyle isn't all about weight numbers, but if one of your goals is to lose weight you need to keep track.
  • Measurements-Measure yourself at the beginning of your journey, and then once every three months, of course, if you chose you can measure monthly. It's your journey, and you need to do what is best for you. You will know that your measurements are changing because your clothes will fit better.

Food Logs and More

Food Log– A food log can be a game-changer in your journey. The only way to fix a bad habit is to acknowledge it and be honest about those habits and work on changing them. Write down anything you eat. It doesn't matter if it's on your plan or not what matters is if you're being honest with yourself about what you are eating. Once you've kept a log for a week or so you will be able to see what time of the day you eat the most and if what you are eating matches your plan. It's very important to see this and make the necessary changes.

You can also use your journal to plan your menus, shopping lists and anything related to your food. Keeping everything in one place will help avoid the temptation to cheat on your plan.

Exercise Log-Tracking your daily exercise is another way to create healthy habits. Exercise is not my favorite thing to do. In fact, I avoid it at all costs, but I know it's necessary to create a healthy life.

Logging your workouts in your Health and Wellness Bullet Journal is a great motivation to keep going. You can look back and see what you accomplished and learn that you can push yourself and succeed. You may look back and discover you're more of an athlete than you've ever thought you would be! Check out these great ideas from Pinterest.

Making the Most of Your Journey

Changing your lifestyle isn't easy, but long term it is worth it. Using a Health and Wellness Bullet Journal is a great way to stay on track. Take the time during your journey to enjoy it. Changing to a healthy lifestyle isn't about deprivation, but all about doing what is best for your mind and body.

Make the most of this time and enjoy it. If you're starting this journey, continuing it or still considering it, I'd love to hear from you and see what you create for your Health and Wellness Bullet Journal.