How to Better Communicate with God Using Your Prayer Journal

How to Better Communicate with God. Image shows an open gratitude journal, pages are blank.
How to Better Communicate with God
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How to Better Communicate with God Using Your Journal

Communication with God is essential to your relationship with Him. If you don't talk to Him how will you know His will and His plan for your life? Talking with God is not something that should be difficult. Yes, He is God, but He also longs to communicate with you. We were created to communicate with God, and when we don't talk with Him, life gets messy and complicated. Just ask Adam! He walked with God, he talked with God, and after he ate the fruit in the garden his relationship changed. He hid from God, he didn't talk to God, and Adam's life got messy!

Do you have times when you know you should pray, but for some reason, you can’t get yourself to start? Sometimes, it can be hard to pray. Other times it is hard to come up with things to say that aren’t just repetitive from your last prayer. This is why using a prayer journal is a great way to enhance your communication with God.

Ten Tips to Better Communicate with God.

1.  Write Like You're Sending a Letter to Your Best Friend

Imagine that instead of this all-powerful Deity, you are just sending a letter to your best friend, the one you know you can share about anything with no judgment at all. He is both the powerful, almighty God, as well as your best friend.

He knows everything you are going through and wants you to share it with Him. He is always there to listen to you no matter the time or situation. God simply wants to talk to you. Think of Him as a friend when you next pray. Writing your prayers is a good way to communicate with God.

2.  Be Comfortable and Have a Good Pen

“Bow your head and close your eyes, no looking around.” Remember learning this is how you are supposed to communicate with God? There is a time and a place for bowing your head and closing your eyes, and not looking around, but when you're alone with God it's not a requirement.

When you're journaling your prayers just find a quiet place and have a good pen and you're ready. If you can concentrate with soft music in the background add some praise and worship music to set a prayerful mood. There is no requirement for writing in your prayer journal. Getting comfortable, having a good pen, and being ready to write is essential to keeping a prayer journal.

While there are certainly times to kneel when you pray, and not write your prayers in your journal, most of the time taking time to write your prayers is a great way to communicate with God. He knows your heart and your desires; He loves to be near to you when you write your prayers in your journal.

3.  Write Your Prayer List

Sometimes when our minds are so jumbled up, it can be hard to think of anything to say when we pray. If that’s the case, try making a list beforehand! This is a great list to have in your prayer journal, not only does it help during prayer time, it's a quick reference even when you don't have a lot of time to spend. Writing your prayer requests takes off the pressure of trying to remember everything you want to pray about, so you can enjoy the conversation and feel His love.

4.  Pause for a Bit

How often do you take time to pause and listen to what God is telling you? We sometimes forget that this is a two-way conversation. We get so involved in what we are writing that we forget to pause. Stop and listen to Him, let Him tell you the answers to your prayers, and then write them down. We would never expect our dad to only listen to what we say and never give a response; we cannot think that way about God either.

He loves to listen to you, but He is also there to help you and give you answers. When you ask for something, take a breath and just listen. What is He telling you? Do you feel peace and comfort when you pause?

5.  Write in Your Prayer Journal Often

The more you are in the habit of writing in your prayer journal, the more natural it will seem, and you will have a greater desire to spend your time using your journal. If you haven’t spoken to God in a while, start with writing for five minutes right before bed. Once that becomes a habit, slowly add more time in your prayer journal until it becomes your first thought when you want to communicate with God.

6.  Use Scriptures for Answers

Maybe praying is hard because you don’t feel like you are receiving answers. If that is the case, turn to your Bible. Sometimes God will answer our prayers through the verses we read. Prayer and studying the scriptures go hand in hand!

7.  Believe God Will Answer You

Sometimes we ask for miracles but don’t expect them in return. Have you ever thought: “God didn’t help me last time, why would He help me this time?” If you have felt this, it is harder to pray when you are going through something difficult.

Don’t ask for anything in your prayer unless you truly believe God will answer and bless you. This does take a lot of faith, but, as the scriptures teach, faith like that will move the mountains. Ask for something small you know He will bless you with, and slowly work your way up until you have more faith.

8.  Be Grateful

Take a look back in your journal and read your last entry. What did you pray about? Did God answer those prayers? Take a moment to write down your gratitude. List the ways God was with you since your last writing session, the prayers He answered, and how you felt when those answers came.

Try to write at least one thing a day that you are grateful for. Being grateful is a good way to show your love and appreciation to God. It will also help you recognize His hand in your life and all the blessings He truly has given you. We naturally want a better relationship with someone who blesses us.

9.  Schedule in Time for Prayer

Schedule a time each day when you write in your journal to God. God loves when we deliberately make time for Him. We usually will read our Bible at the same time each day; why not do the same for prayer journaling?

Maybe you journal when you first get up in the morning or at night when you go to sleep. Whenever you set aside time for prayer journaling give God 100% of your time.

10. Just Write to Communicate with God

If you are struggling with things to write in your prayer journal, just write. Write every thought that comes into your head, and share those thoughts with Him. Soon enough, you will feel like you are having a natural conversation with Him, and that will help you better communicate with God.

Praying is Powerful

Praying and taking your needs to God is powerful. God loves us and always wants to hear from us. Praying can feel like a natural conversation if you draw closer to Him. Use these ten tips to strengthen your prayers and communication with God, and enjoy the blessings that come from it.