I Write in My Bible- Bible Journaling 101

Yes, I write in my Bible, and I color in some of them, and once in a while I even paint in my Bible! The notion of writing in your Bible is wrong is as old as I can remember, but I don't believe that God sees it the same way. The words of the scriptures are sacred, but not the pages they are printed on, especially when you're writing in your Bible as a study or even, dare I say it? Worship!

To journal or to write in your Bible can be an act of worship just as singing a song, or spending time in prayer. It's not wrong to write in your Bible! I have some Bibles that are pristine and have no writing in them, but for the most part, I write in my Bible. I even have Bibles from my childhood that I have scribbled in, even then I was a journaler and didn't even know it! So I write in my Bible, not to deface the Bible, but to express my love for God.

In this post, I talk about my testimony and growth in my faith over the years, Bible Journaling adds to that growth.

Bible Journaling-Write in Your Bible

What is Bible Journaling?  It is an expressive way to study the Bible, it's that simple. There are different techniques used for Bible Journaling, but it's just an expressive way to study the Bible.

Write in Your Bible Image shows an open Bible to Psalm 51 with a red heart and wash pail drawn on the page.
Psalm 51 Create in me a Clean Heart

Where Do I Start?

Journaling Bibles

The first step is deciding what type of Bible you want to journal in. Picking a Bible is the first step in Bible Journaling.

There are Bibles especially made for Bible Journaling, and there are plenty of places to purchase a journaling Bible and there are different translations so you can choose which text is right for you.  My favorite version of the Bible is currently The New American Standard edition, I have other translations that I use for Bible Journaling also. It's all a personal preference.

Most Bibles have lined, extra wide margins that all space for journaling. I keep searching for one that is blank in the margin but I have yet to find one that will work for me.

Another good Bible is The Spiral Bible. The great thing about the Spiral Bible is you can lay it flat. That's a great feature for a journaling BIble.

Bible Journaling Techniques

If you look on social media sites you will see a gazillion ways to Bible Journal. You have to decide what you want to do. I would highly recommend starting simple, and adding as you go. My favorite method to use is colored pencils because I can draw and color and still read the scriptures, but you may find something you enjoy more than colored pencils. Just start simply.

Write in your Bible Image shows open Bible and hand drawn crosses for The Old Rugged Cross.
The Old Rugged Cross

There are several techniques used in Bible Journaling, and they are:

  • Colored Pencils-This is the method I use because you can still read the Bible after coloring in it. I prefer that.
  • Paint-The use of watercolors has become very popular in Bible Journaling. I have a friend who curates her own line of watercolors and they would be perfect for Bible Journaling. You can check her paints out here.
  • Markers-Markers are good to use, but they do have bleed-through or ghosting issues. If you will use markers you may want to use paper and add the paper to the Bible when you're done with your creation. That way you won't have problems with ghosting or bleed through.

Basic Journal Supplies

This topic can open you up to falling down a rabbit hole!  The possibilities for supplies are endless and can get expensive.  Start simply, and don’t overspend.  Make sure this is something you want to do before it costs you too much money!  The basic list, but it’s a good starting point!

  • Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Highlighters
  • paints


Look out for another rabbit hole!!!!! Not only do I write in my Bible, but I also add embellishments! This is where I get into big trouble!  Embellishments are add-ons to your journal pages.  They are totally optional.  Embellishments include Stickers, washi tape, glitter (if you want to get messy!), and chipboard letters.

Bible Journaling Kits

There are a ton of Bible Journaling Kits on the market today. Shanna Noel of Illustrated Faith makes a great one. These kits include all you need to get started with Bible Journaling. Also, these kits make things a bit more affordable, which is always good!

Write in Your Bible

Yes, I write in my Bible, and I want you to start doing it too! This post is a brief introduction to Bible Journaling. I will have more posts in the future, but this will get you started. I think it's important to remember Bible Journaling is not about the artwork.  It’s a form of worship and connecting deeper to God’s Word. Don’t let all the pretty sparkly things distract you from growing in knowledge as you study the Word.  I am new at this, and I’m looking forward to growing in God’s truth as I learn, but I’m also looking forward to the journaling process. Just remember it is ok to write in your BIble. If you’re joining me in this leave me a comment and let’s do this together!