Is Handwriting Still Important?

In today's world is handwriting still important? YES, YES, and YES!!! Let me tell you why!

Reasons Handwriting is Still Important

There are many reasons why handwriting is still important, here are just 5 reasons.


  • Engages the Brain-The biggest reason is that it engages your brain in a different way than typing does.
  • Helps With Memory-Writing helps us retain the information because it's a slower process to write something out by hand.
  • Reinforces Language-Just as it helps with memory handwriting reinforces language because we slow down our thought process and engage with each word.
  • Is Important to Culture-Every culture has its own traditions when it comes to writing. Different letters and different words help define our cultural characteristics. From hieroglyphics to today's alphabet, handwriting can be a historical timeline.
  • Shows a personal connection– Handwriting a letter or card is a great way to show a personal connection.

The Lost Art of Handwriting

Handwriting has become a lost art. We live in an age that is full of keyboards, and voice recognition both quickly replacing handwriting. Many schools have stopped teaching cursive writing, and while I understand why they are stopping, I don't like that kids are missing out on something beautiful and meaningful. Anything handwritten, no matter how good or bad the penmanship is a personal treasure.

Learning Cursive Writing

I started learning cursive handwriting in 3rd grade. Mrs.Terry made learning it fun. She was excited to teach us and we wanted to learn how to write cursive. It was a big deal to be a 3rd grader learning to write like adults. I wanted to have fancy, bubbly writing. I love flair and fancy writing and I wanted to write with flourish and flair, but Mrs. Terry wanted me to learn the basics and add my own style later. I had a hard time with that! Leaning handwriting was not hard for me. I struggled with not being too fancy, but Mrs. Terry was patient, and I learned basic handwriting.

My daughter was a lot like me. She wanted to write in cursive. In 1st grade, she asked me to buy her a workbook so she could learn cursive. She worked hard and taught herself how to write in cursive.

Her new skill impressed me, however, her 1st-grade teacher wasn't impressed. She told my daughter that if she wrote in cursive on any of her assignments she would get a zero for that assignment. I understand the teacher wanted her to print nicely too, but my daughter was very proud of her accomplishment. Finally, after several emails back and forth, she agreed to let my daughter write her name in cursive, and print everything else. I thought that was a good compromise, and I even sent a handwritten thank you note!

Handwriting and Journals

One of the best ways to keep handwriting relevant is to start a journal. Journaling is a great way to preserve handwriting and to collect your thoughts all in one place.

Handwriting is very personal. It can say a lot about you, and our journals are the same way. They are our deepest thoughts and most brilliant ideas, so of course, you want to preserve them!

Family Handwritten Treasures

Family treasures are another reason why handwriting is still important. I love having something handwritten from my family. It tells me they have taken the time to write something to me, about me, or for me. I have all the notes my daughter has written me over the years. The good, the bad, and the ones that I'm going to display at her high school graduation party! HA!

I love handwritten items. I have even purchased old postcards in thrift stores because I love handwriting. It's a personal connection, and in today's world, personal connections are fleeting.

Grandpa's Sermons

My grandfather was an American Baptist minister for over 60 years and he hand-wrote his sermons. I am fortunate to have a large container full of his sermons and notes. These sermons are like a journal for me. His thoughts and reflections on scripture and his notes on what he wanted to preach and teach his congregation. Someday I would like to take these sermons and write a devotional book, using his notes. They are such a treasure to me.

Aside from my grandpa's sermons, I have the book my grandma made to keep track of the weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other things my grandfather did as a pastor. She handwrote this notebook, and it's special to have it.

My Mom's Handwritten Recipe Book

My mom made handwritten recipe books as wedding presents, she became known for giving them to new brides! She wrote each recipe by hand. For many years I wanted a recipe book, and I would bug her about it all the time. In 1994, I got married, and I knew I would be getting one of her recipe books. I was so excited. It took a few years after my wedding before I received my book, but it was worth the wait! It's a treasure that I will keep forever and hand down to my daughter.

What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

There are so many experts that say they can interpret handwriting, some are scientifically based, others aren't! I thought this chart would be fun to include so you can see what your handwriting says about you.

Is Handwriting Still Important? image of a chart listing characteristics of handwriting.
Which one fits you?

Well, is it accurate? A few are accurate for me, others not so much! Let me know in the comments if the chart was accurate for you or not!

Keeping Handwritten Words Alive

I think handwriting should be kept alive and practiced. I know keyboards and voice recognition are faster and easier, but there is still something special about handwritten notes. There are things you can do to keep handwriting alive. The main way is to practice and pass it on! Here are a few ways to do that!

  • Keep a journal
  • Write and send a card or letter
  • Teach your children cursive even if it's only to sign their names
  • Learn Calligraphy or Handlettering
  • Write love notes to your spouse or significant other

I love looking at different types of handwriting, you will find some beautiful ones here! Let me know how you keep handwriting alive and are passing it on, drop me a comment!

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