Journal Through April with Me-30 Journaling Prompts for Spring

Join me and lets Journal through April, Let's create and write in our journals together! What you do with those prompts is totally up to you. Do you want to write your thoughts about the prompts? OK! Do you prefer a creative journal for the prompts? That's awesome! Journal all of them or just pick your favorites. This is your journal and there is no right or wrong.

Journal with me through April. Image shows flowers in a vase with a closed journal and a cup of coffee

April Showers Bring May Flowers

We've heard it before, and depending on where you live it's true, April showers do bring May flowers. Spring is on the way! I love the transition to Spring, although here in Arizona there isn't always a big transition, it just depends on how warm our winters are. Let's journal through April using prompts that bring us into the summer! Arizona so summer is HOT HOT HOT, but I don't complain about the heat so I can brag and enjoy our fabulous winters! We have quickly gone from Arizona winter to almost summer! Spring, so far has been warmer than normal, which probably means a hotter summer, but oh well, it is the desert!

Journal Through April Prompts

  • 1. Craziest April Fool's Day
  • 2. April goals
  • 3. Flower Power! Favorite spring Flower
  • 4. April makes you think of what color
  • 5. Memory of you walking or playing in the rain
  • 6. Spring Chores, what needs to be done
  • 7. First spring Animal that comes to mind
  • 8. Favorite spring outfit, what does it look like, how does it make you feel when you wear it
  • 9. Favorite spring memory
  • 10. What's in the news
  • 11. Eight Track Tape Day-Do you know what these are? Journal what you know about them
  • 12. Grilled Cheese Sandwich day what's your favorite grilled cheese sandwich? plain or fancy?
  • 13. Favorite Bible verse that makes you think of spring
  • 14. Favorite spring color
  • 15. Good Friday-journal about how you would feel if you were at the crucifixion
  • 16. Pick a Psalm and journal about it
  • 17. Easter Sunday-what does it mean to you
  • 18. What inspires you or who inspires you
  • 19. Favorite Scripture that makes you think of new life
  • 20. Journal what comes into your mind when you read the word Tulip
  • 21. Where would you like to visit in the spring
  • 22. Earth Day-Journal about what you would do to make the environment better
  • 23. What you would take on a spring picnic
  • 24. Beach or mountains in the spring
  • 25. Summer bucket list
  • 26. Favorite quote
  • 27. I am thankful for…
  • 28. Your ultimate way to relax
  • 29. What's your hobby
  • 30. It's my birthday! Journal about how you celebrate your birthday

How to Use These Prompts

These prompts are meant to guide you into journaling. You can write, draw, scrapbook, paint, or do whatever you want to express yourself. If you are not a religious person, then come up with your own prompt for the days that have religious prompts or skip it altogether. It's okay if you don't journal every single day! The best thing about journaling is it is all up to you!

You can also share these prompts on your social media and get your friends involved in journaling too. It's always fun to share a hobby with a friend. Get them to journal through April too!

Share It

Will you share your journal with me? I'd be honored if you did! I'm on Facebook, and Instagram and would love for your to tag me! I love to see what others create. Of course, if you wish to keep your journaling private that's fine too! Either way, journal through April and right into summer.