Journaling Pens and Markers-5 of My Recommended Pens and Markers

Journaling pens and markers are fun to choose! You want to create great layouts, but there are many things that can go wrong with ink pens. Choosing the perfect pen hasn't gotten easier, because there are so many pens on the market. While the perfect pen is a personal choice, hopefully, this post will guide you to finding those journaling pens and makers that will make your journals perfect. Check out my pen story, it's a fun collection of special pens!

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Pens and markers to use for journaling. picture shows several markers and pens in rainbow colors. Photo taken looking down on the markers and pens.
Pens and Markers to use for Journaling
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Types of Journaling Pens and Markers

Types of Pens

There are many types of pens to use for planning and journaling. There are ink pens, gel pens, permanent markers, felt tip pens, and so on! It can be overwhelming to see all those pens and not know where to begin. Let's navigate that pen aisle together and find a great type of pen!

  • Gel Pens

Gel Pens are pens that are made by suspending the ink in a water-based gel. The ink is more opaque making these pens great for darker paper, but the bolder colors can be used in planners and journals of any type.

I really like Paper Mate Ink Joy pens, the bigger the package the better! The 24-pack of Ink Joy pens gives so much variety in color that your pages will always be bright and bold! They are a great gel pen.

There are many other gel pens on the market, but I really like Paper Mate pens.

  • Felt Tip Pens

Speaking of Paper Mate, they also make Paper Mate Flair pens, which is a great felt tip pen. Paper Mate caters to the pen collector (that's me!) because they make some of their felt tip pens in Limited edition colors. I like felt-tip pens because they don't bleed through most paper. If the paper is very thin the markers could bleed through. If you are using a journal with a high paper weight you shouldn't have any problems.

  • Crayola

Crayola has many options these days, and they are not just for kids!

  • Ink Pens

Ink Pens are a dime a dozen. You can find them anywhere! Bic, Paper Mate, Zebra, Pilot, and Uni-ball* are just a few of the brands that are available. I plan and journal with felt tip pens, but ink pens are a great option too. They come in a variety of colors and have a medium or a fine point.

  • Permanent Markers

The last type of pen I'll talk about is permanent markers. Sharpie is the most popular brand of permanent markers and they come in a variety of colors, fine, ultra-fine, and medium tip points. In the past, I have used Sharpies only to label dividers because they bleed through most paper. Sharpie has introduced a new marker that is less likely to bleed through paper. Sharpie S Note Creative Markers are a great addition to their product line!

Pens for All Projects

There are journaling pens and markers for every project, and if you're like the rest of us planners then you have quite a collection! Finding the pen to use for planning and journaling isn't a difficult task, but finding the ones that are perfect for you may be a little harder! Hopefully, this post will help you in your search!

Let me know your favorite journaling pens and markers! I enjoy reading your comments!