Spiritual Journal Prompts-Topics to Get Your Writing Flowing

You read my post you know How to Keep a Spiritual Journal., now let me give you some spiritual journal prompts to help you write in your Spiritual Journal.

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Spiritual Journal Prompts
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What Should Be In a Spiritual Journal?

A spiritual journal is to help you in your spiritual journey. You can write down pretty much anything and everything you want. Use these topics below as spiritual journal prompts and you will have plenty to write about.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Your testimony
  • Scriptures that stood out to you
  • Struggles you are facing
  • Things you are grateful for
  • A prayer you said today
  • A friend’s experience
  • A quote that brought you peace
  • An answered prayer

A spiritual journal is an amazing tool that can help strengthen your faith and testimony and will help you see God’s hand in your life.

How Does Journaling Help Your Faith?

Keeping a record of your spiritual experiences can help you down the road. When you are struggling with a difficult challenge, review your past journal entries and see if you can find strength. A spiritual journal can also uplift you and help you see just how much God loves you and is always watching out for you.

If you want, you can also keep this journal so your children and grandchildren can learn about your experiences and your faith throughout your life.

Spiritual Journal Prompts

These spiritual journal prompts will help you get started in keeping a spiritual journal. Don't feel you have to stick to this order, find the prompts you want to write about, and let the Lord lead you to the spiritual journal prompts that He wants you to add to your journal.


  • Who is God? Write down some of His characteristics.
  • How did God show me love today?
  • What helps me feel God’s love in my life?
  • One song that makes me think of God?
  • Describe a time you followed a prompting from God. What happened?
  • How can I trust God more?
  • Share a time you received grace from God. How did it make you feel?
  • Who or what brought me to God?
  • What is one blessing I received from following God?
  • When did I have to obey God even though it was hard?
  • Write down a time when God told you no to an answer you wanted to be yes.
  • How does God speak to me?
  • Think of a time when you had to be patient about God’s timing. Write down that experience with as many details as possible.
  • What do I want to know about God?


  • What is one Christ-like attribute I can work on?
  • How can I draw closer to Jesus?
  • What is everything I know about Christ’s atonement?
  • Who is my hero? How are they similar to Jesus?
  • Who in my family can I help draw closer to Jesus?
  • How has drawing closer to Christ changed me?
  • Who is Jesus to me?
  • Imagine you were standing face to face with Christ. What would you do or say to Him?


  • If I could ask any Bible hero a question, what would it be?
  • What is one thing that stood out to me today during my Bible study?
  • Write down a Bible story that gives you strength.
  • What person from the scriptures do I look up to the most? Why that person?


  • Did I receive an answer to one of my prayers today? How?
  • What or who am I praying for?
  • What can I do to make my prayer life stronger?
  • Write out one of the prayers that you pray each day.


  • What does faith mean to me?
  • Do I feel like my faith is strong? Why or why not?
  • What is one thing I will work on that will strengthen my faith?
  • Who are my “heroes of the faith?” How did they influence my life?

Struggles and Challenges

  • What is something I am struggling with that I can give to the Lord?
  • Describe a challenge you are currently facing.
  • Write down 5 reasons why you had to go through your last trial.

Personal Prompts

  • What made it a lot easier for me today?
  • What is one weakness I have? How can God make that a strength?
  • Record your testimony and the date.
  • What is one quality I love about myself?
  • How can I serve someone today?
  • If I were to die today, what is one regret I would have?


  • Who do I talk with at church?
  • What is the name of the church I go to? Why do I like that church?
  • What do I know to be true?
  • What did I learn in church today?


  • Record a time when you were blessed for serving someone.
  • What do I do that helps me feel peace and comfort?
  • Who can I share my testimony with?
  • How does Christian music make me feel?

How To Use These Spiritual Journal Prompts

It's simple to use these spiritual journal prompts, just pick one and write! If you want to divide your journal into sections that correspond to the topics I've listed you can. If you're using a Traveler's notebook then you can use a separate insert for each topic if you want to. Do what works for you. The point is to write and record your faith story.

Make Writing A Habit

It's easier to be a faithful journaler if you make writing a habit Set aside time and devote that time only to your journal. If you can create yourself a space that is just for journaling. If music isn't a distraction then pick some worship music and play it while you write. While making writing a habit is important that doesn't necessarily mean writing every day. If you're not going to write every day then schedule your journaling time and stick with it.

The Spiritual Legacy You Leave Behind

Your journals are your faith story, a spiritual legacy. They will be a guide, a comfort, and a treasure to those that have them after your death. Imagine someone reading one of your entries and having a better perspective because of what you wrote.

These spiritual journal prompts are there just to help you get started and get your writing flowing. Use any of these when you want to develop your faith and for some inspiration! Write as often as possible in your spiritual journal and reflect on it often!

Leave me a comment and let me know how your journaling is going.