Washi Tape-What’s Up With Washi?

What's up with washi tape? Washi tape, simply called washi, is all the rage right now and it seems everywhere you look there's new Washi! It's a fun embellishment to add to your planners, journals, or anything that you want to decorate! 

The washi craze started in 2006 in Japan when a group of artists approached a Japanese manufacturer, Kamoi Kakoshi. The artists showed the manufacturer a book they had made from their industrial masking tapes and asked the manufacturer to create tape in other colors for the artists. The manufacturer saw how popular it could be and Washi tape was born.

Washi Tape

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What Is Washi Tape?

Washi is made from the inner bark of the gampi tree. It's thin and in most cases, translucent. Washi tape comes in many different colors and patterns making it a versatile addition to your craft supplies. The tape comes on a roll and is available in 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ widths. Using it in various craft projects has become very popular because it adds color and dimension to papercraft projects. 

Now that you know what washi is next you will learn how to use it! It's really a fun addition to your journaling.

10 Ways to use Washi Tape

The great thing about washi is you can use it however you want. These are just a few ideas for this versatile tape.

  1. Use washi to redate an old planner. Covering the old dates with tape and redating for the current year.
  2. Decorate your bullet journal. Use washi to create journaling spaces within your spreads.
  3. Decorate your notebooks, and create a design to turn an ordinary notebook into a personal work of art.
  4. Decorate your computer keyboard with Washi! Cover the dingey keys with fresh colored tape!
  5. If you make homemade cards you can use washi to design the front cover of the card.
  6. Use washi to make magnets.
  7. Washi is a great way to mark cups at a party. Each guest can use a strip of different washi to identify their cup at the party
  8. Decorate your phone case! Washi is a fun, colorful way to personalize your phone case.
  9. Use washi to make paperclip flags, these are fun to use in planners, and making them yourself is quick and easy.
  10. Make decorative twist ties, using fine jewelry wire and washi.

There are so many things you can do with washi, and it's really fun to play around with it and create beautiful pages. Once you start using washi you won't want to be without it! Using washi is a great way to create a creative journal!

Where can I purchase Washi?

Washi tape is everywhere! It can be very inexpensive or pricey, depending on where you purchase it and the quality of the tape. Simply Gilded is a subscription box that offers high-quality washi tape and many other goodies for paper lovers!

Most craft stores will carry inexpensive washi options. In fact, Michael's often has a large bin of discounted washi tape with special pricing where you can save even more when buying multiple rolls.

Inexpensive washi is an excellent option for those on a budget. Higher-priced products found at specialty stationery stores are excellent but not necessary for most needs. However, it's always nice to splurge once in a while! 

Scrapbook.com has a great selection of washi tape. Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Joanns also carry a large selection. 

Cardmakers, scrapbookers, planners, and bullet journalers can use this fun tape to add color and design to their projects, the options are endless when using washi!

Washi Tape Image shows open journal with bright pink pages and rolls of gold washi tape sitting next to a strip of lip printed washi;
Washi Tape