What is Christian Bullet Journaling? And How Do I Start?

Christian Bullet Journaling is not a new concept. It has become more popular over the last few years, but the bullet journaling system has been in place for many years. Today I am going to share with you some basic information about Christian Bullet Journaling. By the end of this article, you will know what Bullet Journaling and Christian Bullet Journaling are, what supplies you need to create a Christian Bullet Journal, where to purchase supplies for Christian Bullet Journaling, how to start a Christian Bullet Journal, and what to track in your journal. It's not a complicated process, and bullet journaling can help you in your daily Christian life.

Let's dive right in!

Christian Bullet Journaling, Image shows woman with an open journal, sitting down to write.
Christian Bullet Journaling
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Bullet Journaling

The Bullet Journaling system was created by Ryder Carroll and is an analog system for tracking the past, present, and future events of your life. The author needed a way to help him focus. The design of the bullet journal (BuJo for short) was developed by Carroll to solve his focus problem. He spent many years developing the Bullet Journal. Now he helps others learn why the Bullet Journal is a great tool for organization and analog journaling in a digital world.

Christian Bullet Journaling

What is Christian Bullet Journaling and How is It Different?

Christian Bullet Journaling is the same concept as bullet journaling, but you add your faith and the impact that Jesus has in your life to your journal. It's different because it's not just stats and facts about life events or habits. Christian Bullet Journaling encompasses all that bullet journaling does but with an emphasis on Jesus and growing in your Christian life.

Supplies for Christian Bullet Journaling

The supplies for Christian Bullet Journaling would make a very long list, but you don't need EVERYTHING on the market to create a Christian Bullet Journal. Now if you're like me and love to shop for anything related to paper then your shopping cart may be full! But that's okay! The list I'm going to give is not all-encompassing, but these supplies will get you started. You can always add more later!

A Christian bullet journal can be in any form. While the preferred way is to use a journal it is not required. You can use a spiral or composition notebook, or loose-leaf paper in a binder. It doesn't have to be fancy, but a bound journal is the best way to keep everything in order.

Types of Journals

  • Graph Journal– Another top contender in the bullet journal community. The graph paper easily accommodates the use of habit trackers because your squares are already there, just outline and color in!
  • Blank Journal– For the brave bullet journalers out there! For me blank paper is intimidating. I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, and I can be a perfectionist, so the blank paper journal is a no go for me! Many others use it and enjoy it, but the graph or dot paper is more forgiving, at least for me!

Paper Weight for Your Journal

The weight of the paper in your journal is very important. If your paper is too thin markers will bleed through the paper or ghost on the opposite side. You don't want all of your hard work on a spread to be messed up because of bleed through, and skipping pages because of bleed through will give you fewer spreads in your journal. When purchasing a journal check the weight of the paper! My preference is 160mgs, because of the pens I use. This chart shows the various types of paper and their weight. It's a great resource!

Brands of Journals

My favorite brand is Scribbles That Matter. I love this journal! It's a bit more expensive than some, but it is 100% worth it! The paperweight is 160gms, and I have yet to find a pen that bleeds through the pages or ghosts on the opposite side. It's my favorite! The second brand that I love is Pens and Markers

When I create spreads in my bullet journals I start with a pencil drawing. I'm not a great artist so I like having an eraser as I create. I don't have a specific brand of pencils I use, but I do prefer a mechanical pencil. For me, it's a smoother line and easier to erase after I've outlined the design.

Pens and markers are essential for Christian Bullet Journaling. I love pens and markers! I have a collection of “special pens” that I've collected over the years, and I love hotel pens!!! But, I digress! For Christian Bullet Journaling the pens I use are:


  • Gel PensPapermate Ink Joy pens are another favorite! These pens are gel inks used in writing, they dry down quickly and rarely smear, perfect for bullet journals!
  • Fineliners-my favorite fine liners are Micron. They are available in different thicknesses and they always perform well. I've never had skipping or bad ink flow using these pens. They also dry quickly, so there is no smudging if you allow them to dry.


Other Supplies

  • StencilsStencils are great if you are not a natural artist (like me!) They give you options to create fabulous pages without worrying about lines that aren't straight, or patterns that are wonky!
  • KitsBullet Journaling Kits are great to have when you are getting started! These kits include everything you need to start a Christian Bullet Journal and more!

Getting Your Christian Bullet Journal Started

Getting started in a bullet journal is easy. You just get a journal and some pens and start! I know that seems simple, but really that's all there is to it. Ok, there's a bit more, but that's the basics! My recommendation is to start simple and build on your Christian Bullet Journal each month.

Christian Bullet Journal Spreads

Bullet journal spreads are plentiful! The number of ideas available can be overwhelming, but if you start simple you won't get overwhelmed and your Christian Bullet Journal will become a helpful part of your faith journey.

Monthly Spreads

Each month you should create a monthly calendar spread. This gives you an “at a glance” look at each month, and helps keep you organized. Another spread I like to do each month is a “dates to remember” spread. I put all the important dates in one place and it's easy to reference throughout the month.

What Else Do I Record in My Christian Bullet Journal?

I say journal everything that is important to you as a Christian, and the specific areas of your Christian life you want to grow in, daily habits, goals you want to achieve, and so much more! You are not limited to anything particular in your Christian Bullet Journal. To get you started I have a post “20 Lists to Keep in Your Faith Journal.”

Bullet journaling is meant to simplify your life, so don't feel overwhelmed. If journaling overwhelms you then you need to stop and refocus, because journaling is supposed to help you, not cause you to have more stress!

Take out your pens and markers and create your Christian Bullet Journal that you love! If you want to share your pages comment below or find me on Instagram!