Zebra and Zosxi Mildliners-Which is Better?

Zebra and Zosxi Mildliners are both products that those in the journaling community have used and probably own. These highlighters are the ultimate journaling highlighter and certainly need to be included with my favorite Pens and Markers for Journaling.

Let's take a look and see if these brands are created equal or not!

Zebra and Zosix MIldliners. This image shows both brands of mildliners.
Zebra and Zosxi Mildliners

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Mildliners vs Highlighters

Mildliners and highlighters are basically the same. The biggest difference is that Mildliners have more colors. They are still highlighters, just more colorful. It's a matter of choice if you want the traditional highlighters or mildlinders! I prefer mildliners because of the colors. I have a color code system I use and the mildliners are perfect for it.

Zebra Mildliner Highlighter


Zebra Mildliner Highlighters are pastel highlighters that are an alternative to bright fluorescent markers. The colors range from soft fluorescent to deep warm tones. Using these highlighters in your journals, bullet journals and for study, can add a splash of color and not have to worry about bright oversaturated colors. These mildliners are double-ended pens with a writing tip on one end and a chisel tip on the other.

My Purchase

I purchased a 15-pack of Zebra Mildliners from Amazon and paid $17.74. Because I have a Prime membership there were no shipping costs.

Zosxi Mild Highlighters


The Zosxi Mild Highlighters are very similar to the Zebra pens. The colors are the same, and the color saturation is the same. These don't bleed through the paper either.

My Purchase

I purchased a 25-pack, the only size Amazon carries, and the price was $20.99 and no shipping charge.

Zebra and Zosxi Mildliners Comparison

Both pens write the same and neither pen bleeds through the paper, but there is some streaking with both pens, and I'm not sure if that is an ink flow issue or a user issue, but both the Zebra and the Zosxi are good highlighter pens. Each pen weighs the same and feels the same in the hand. There is no noted difference in pen weight or feel.


Below is a comparison of the colors from each brand.

Zebra and Zosix Mildliners color comparison.
Zebra and Zosix Mildliners color comparison


Both pens are equal in performance. The deciding factor for me would be the cost. You get more pens with the Zosix brand. If you are looking for a high-quality mildliner then either of these brands will fill the bill! This time, Zebra and Zosxi Mildliners are almost equal.

At the time of this writing, Zebra has introduced a 25-pack of mildliners, as well as boxed individual colors. I stand by my initial review of both pens and would recommend staying with Zosix or the 15-pack Zebra Mildliners due to cost. There are many brands available, but these two brands are still the best in quality and price.